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Incase your new here, am Gikonyo Leah , A Kenyan Millennial who takes it as it is with Life,

Ain’t no Pro but just a Curious observor of life from my angle & side lines sometimes ( giggle),

Hey, ad love to know you too though , Make sure you’l come along with me on this new 7 Day journey of blogmas’ing, aye!* also don’t forget to comment your thoughts on this post down below, Hun *


yea’ yea * I know Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, along with love & magic, but i seriously don’t agree, with all that cute stuff social media + Tv Adverts try to potray to us, Every Year on christmas if you’l also agree, They’ve schemingly levelled up the craft of creativity yes! we can also say one can even drop a tear to some of those creatively cute christmas posts or ads,they share out to audiences world wide, over till New year 2019! Kicks in* 🙇🏾‍♀️ But that’s one ☝🏾 of the least of my worries for christmas .

( * IKR You’ve Been there too. ) Anways

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I hope as your reading this al have this across for both of us to safely be on the same page Keep in mind that; This are just but my opinions or my why for the hate . Whoop! ~ can’t believe I still hate it even at 21 though .

Every season of christmas I Honestly still find myself thinking of when we will have it already dropped from the Milleninal generation once and for all , heck * let’s put another celebration instead ( ad think out loud )

Summer seasons , i cheerish .
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First, lets talk about how i feel like The Wolf of wallstreet, Walking into the bank teller for my Early Pay Check withdrawal . That week of the month before the holiday cheer begins. You should already know by now ave never changed my playlist when its pay day & it goes a little like this …

got Money & you know it , Take it out your pocket and show it, Then throw it like THIS WAY THAT WAY… “ * 4 
Am always Singing out loud to this 3 jams lil wayne ft T.Pain , and Cardi B Or P squared . ” MONEY ” OR ” CHOP MY MONEY!!! ” B* ,

but believe you me by date 26th weeeeeeeeee* … am either holding on my budget,teeth clenched, Praying and hoping to go through the silly christmas cheer of giftings & travels, safe from no other added expense or cash spends before New Year Begins or before the month ends literally .

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2 : Christmas Movies & TV .

What’s always wrong with The Tv on this seasons of being at home with everyone around More so. WHY ? The Repetetive movies over & over like i can literrally talk back to the tv word for word or pretend am watching just to avoid any more of my 50 something conversation about my life & what am doing lately . Chilling with any of my family members, even cute nieces & nephews for me always feels like they all know the drill of questionnares to ask when am around.

If your a loner like myself you’d have have already had to swallow an earlier encounter of the thousands & hundreds of greetings from far distanced relatives, guys you’ve never even heard of in your 21 years of living with other relatives on holidays or when you visit them. To add more to this you’ve never ever heard them mentioned by any family member in your own home *

That’s when it starts dawning on you the ” awkward family Secrets & strangeness, is the elephant in the room “At the end of the day . Excuse my Frankness but i sometimes wonder away on thoughts & moments presently *

There’s a reason and not so dearest anymore, obviously these are thoughts to be taken with but a pinch of salt but do spare a thought for all Christmas 🎄 haters like myself, we are well known of being cold & grumpy 😡 don’t even forget evil to others. 😅😅😅

Just so we clear, i still love my Strange far fetched relatives from far though,i don’t know them that well But am always glad to have them around for christmas yearly *

Family Times are the warmest times but believe you me by the by


I know you don’t mind also, the first days of spending time at home but for me by day three of being there am always already reaching my absolute limit with everyone in that house, if it’s not my Mum putting on loud Christmas carols until the roof jumps up , it’s my nieces wanting to play with my phone smh 🤦🏾‍♀️! even when it’s charging .

But FUNNY * HOW ; All the left-overs after the celebrations is always well packed & ready for supper & possibly the next day of breakfast ( chapati lovers oyea! ) . Lemmi break it down to you about my family & why i have strange unknown uncles and anties . I was brought up from a polygamous family and well my dad he’s Really the Champ , He married two wives, ( stay at home at the time ) placed them in one big house and both wives gave birth to 5 kids each . can’t say much about my mum but as for my #3 best brothers in the whole wide world & 1 sister,they make my world alot more better & worth even More…. Glad i was brought up with them actually.

My Grandpa was brought up from a polygamous home too, his dad married 10 wives so do you believe me now when i say they are alot# of relatives from his side phew!* . Same with my late – grandmother who came from a home of quit the same but only thing i ever noted from her side of the family as a kid was women from my grandMother’s side were always tough about anything and everything.


” Life is Nothing without a little chaos to make it interesting ” , you will unwittingly become absolutely fixated on the little things like me, parents watching tv too loud, Kids running around screaming or when your little newphew chews up one of your best earphones & rippes the sh* out of them, o me ” O No why, today , *” .

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( Get a life ), 

Personaly 2018, has just been the top 10/10 best memes made that relate, the bitchy ones,the cute ones, the motivational ones, the sexual ones, the over & underated ones either way i loved them all ,just so you know 2019.

But in this season, ya’l just come up with the weirdest memes, too blunt to miss a target actually , hehehehe… also the long ugly whatsapp forward Messages of MERRY CHRISTMAS * & * HAPPY NEW YEAR over & over & OVER!!!< So Thankful ave not had one forwarded message till date wishing me what everyone is forwarding to everyone then i ask where’s the cheer in a forwarded text???.

Don’t even start with the emoji text talk to better visualise your words, yooo !!!… Guys can Go All out in those,just so we clear .

Am Done for todays typing thanks, for coming over on our 2 Day of Why Christmas Sucks yearly to me, hope to have you still tomorrow too, MERRY CHRISTMAS FOR ALL THOSE WHO BELIEVE IN THE CHEER *

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  1. For me Christmas has become so much about the material aspect and all I want is presence versus presents! I have stopped going into debt for the holidays. I try to focus on the food, family, playing games and getting caught up aspects. As you get older you find what is most important and it’s not material things. Every day is a “holiday”/gift not just once or twice a year!

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